Saturday, February 20, 2021

Back to work !

 Whoosh.... that week flew by, mad busy at work so the week just disappears. 

Nothing much happening, pretty much the same as everyone else in England I assume, still in lockdown trying to entertain self at home !

I managed to finish the colorwork section on my sweater, I am so proud of myself for sticking with it and actually pretty impressed with it ! I am now on the body, which means rounds and rounds of stocking stitch... great TV knitting tough.

Other than that I've just been pottering about wondering what to do with myself.

Friday, February 12, 2021

A change of scenary.

A week of a lockdown holiday  which included my Birthday deserved a change of scenery. 

Staying within Covid guidelines, we headed to the harbourside for our daily walk. Blimey it was freezing. 

No 2 son came along to stretch his legs and break the monotony of university life at home. We had a nice circular walk around the harbourside. Hubs kept his mask on and I had my new cowl on which was pulled right up to my nose to keep warm, so made me feel a bit safer as there were quite a few people about on one side of the river. I have got quite adverse to having people around me know and I am amazed at how many people really don't stick to guidelines, especially as we have the Bristol Variant in the city. But it was lovely and I was reminded at how beautiful our city is and how much I miss being able to fully enjoy it. 

Then it was home to enjoy a hot drink and some chocolate brownie that was gifted to me

Then I sat and knit on my bee sweatier whilst hubs and his friend started on the hard standing for the van

 We've lost our little sundown corner and have also had to lose a bit of the veg patch which included one of the raised beds and a pear tree! My garden now looks like a war zone, the yellow brick structure you can see at the top of the pic is our air raid shelter !

We're hoping it doesn't rain as our level is now lower than next doors garden and the fence is at a slant, hopefully the ground will stay frozen until its all been dug out and the stones go in,  or we fear her lovely garden may start to sink into ours if we get rain in the interim. The last digging session will happen tomorrow with a mini digger, then hopefully the stones will come in soon ready to be compacted. Then its fence and double gates to make it safe for the new van to come home. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

WIP Wednesday.

 Have been beavering away on my Joining the bees and things sweater, I've hit the bee section !

I am so pleased with how this is coming along. I am hoping to get the bee section done today then I will separate for the sleeves and have  a solid blue body to knit which will be great TV knitting.

I've also cast on my gorgeous quince & co yarn for the 3rd time, think this project may be the one I stick with. 

Its more of a seafoam colour and I love it, this is going to be a Coffee Run Poncho, great for keeping in the new van.

I've just started this book, another easy read based in Cornwall !

I've also been spinning up some fluff, just started on this gorgeous colourway from Spin Jones

My default weight is a 2ply DK yarn, this is going to be nubbley and bumpy, aiming to keep the rainbow run as in the batt, maybe some mitts will be knit from this.

Thoroughly enjoying my slow week off getting loads of odd bits done and having time to spend on things that please me is great.

Going for a later walk tonight hoping to see the sun set, but its getting cloudy and is still Freezing, no snow though.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021


As I am currently staycationing I want to try to get out each day and make the most of my walks before I go back top work. This morning we had to take some rubbish to the recycle depot so I thought why not just take a walk along the beach when we've dumped the rubbish [It's all local so we are not breaking any Covid rules]

Blimey, it was COLD... the car temperature gauge read 0.5degress.... add the chill factor from the easterly wind was biting. But it was a bracing enjoyable walk made all the better with a lovely steaming cup of coffee from the local bakers as we made our way back.

The Severn Bridge from the English side. 

The tide was out so it pretty much resembled a mud flat rather than a beach. 

I am really enjoying my stress free work free days. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Happy Monday.

Well its happy for me as I have a whole week off.

I've cranked out the old laptop so I can type this sat on my sofa and don't have to go sit at my desk. I could bring my work laptop down but I would be so tempted to check my emails I'm giving it a miss for a week.

Its almost a week since my last post and a few things have happened....

I got my first jab ! well managed process and no side effects other than a head ache. 2nd dose was booked in at the same time. 

The next and major life changing event happened.....

we bought a small motorhome !

We've had a campervan for the past few years, Barry Bongo,  but sold it a few months back as he was starting to need more and more work done to keep him on the road.  So we spent a while trying to decide whether to get another or upgrade to a small motorhome.

This week hubs found one. We've done a virtual viewing, checked the van out and paid the deposit. Now all we have to do is be able to go and actually see it in person. The garage comes recommended from a friend who has bought from them  , so whilst its a bit scary buying something you've not physically seen, I am so happy, this will change our lives so we will be able to go away year round !  I've booked sites through from April till September, hopeful that we will be able to go!

The biggest dilemma now is trying to find a name for the van.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Nothing much happening here, life continues as is. 

It does feel lighter now that January is over, it seemed such a long dreary month. February is upon us and spring is just around the corner. 

This month is my Birthday month and I get to celebrate with a whole week off, stay-cationing of course, I should have been in Florida at the moment enjoying the sun, the parks and time with my family, but I'm safe, just about to get my vaccine and I have plans for my week off, once I get this week over...

I love both of these books and want to knit all the patterns, I am trying not to buy yarn so will be pulling out all my stash , looking for sweater quantities and then see what patterns match the yarn I have, its almost like going yarn shopping right?

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