Sunday, March 28, 2021

Another week.

 Another week gone by, another week sat in my home office working solo. But tomorrow, I get to go out to work! I get to go on a train and visit one of the private hospitals that we use. It feels amazing, I've had my covid jab, have a booked seat and have a whole little covid safety kit in my bag. Its one of 2 site visits I have to do this week and it feels so good to be actually be able to go out and do my job properly. I still have some anxiety about travelling, but I've taken as many precautions as I can so should be fine. I also don't have that Sunday downer thinking about work tomorrow.

In other news I have actually picked up a book this week, haven't read for quiet a while, lost my reading mojo. So despite having a huge pile of books to read I went and bought something that sparked an interest.

just a real easy nice read, thoroughly enjoying it. Also makes me think about what makes me happy and should I be brave enough to quit my job and do something completely different?

I also bought a copy of this

Have heard some good reviews and was recommended. Never read any of his books so am interested to see what its like. Really glad I've got my reading mojo back I do love a good book.

Yesterday I caught up with my friend for another walk. She lives on the coast so its nice to go walk here way, and not too far from where I live, 6 miles I think and still in the same city! 

Rather than do the walk along the prom by the little beach in Clevedon we headed out the other was as it was getting quite busy. Never walked this path before and it was lovely, a much longer walk and great weather, chilly but refreshing. I so miss being able to go south at the moment. It really was like being away. One thing this lockdown has done is open up my eyes to what there is locally, normally I would be straight on the motorway heading south or across to wales. 

A walk and a good book has really given me a lovely weekend. 


Friday, March 19, 2021

FO Friday..

Spinning this week not knitting, but I actually managed to finish something...

gorgeous Fluff from Spin Jones

about a DK weight and I managed to keep the gradient, not sure what to do with it yet, its gone into the hand spun storage box for now.

Thoroughly enjoying spinning at the moment so have just broken into a new batt, again from Spin Jones.

again trying to keep the gradient and trying for a sock weight yarn.

This batt is merino and firestar and is beautifully sparkly, I think it will be too nice for socks so may have to be turned into a cowl.

Right, back to work, a few hours until my weekend starts. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021


Missed WIP Wednesday so thought I'd do an update to day.

I got very distracted by a sweater and just had to go get yarn and cast it on....

The passerby sweater by Erika Knight. 

I love everything about the sweater and the yarn. The yarn is maxi Wool  which I bought from the lovely Laura at Wool in Bath, online shopping obviously.

Its knit on 10mm and 12mm needles and is just flying, I got to the sleeve shaping and decided I needed to do a larger size, 

I'm a big gal so have gone for the biggest size. I don't mind close fitting garments but this would have been just too snug. So I ripped it and cast on again. These pics don't do the colour justice it really is gorgeous.

My gauge is almost spot on, but I've grabbed an extra skein just in case. This yarn is gorgeous, its got a gentle sheen and is really soft, its going to be a pleasure to wear. It should also knit up pretty quick, I think  may be a convert to chunky knitting.

I'm still beavering away in the back ground on my Bee sweater

I'm now into the first sleeve and it actually fits well, I made it 2 inches longer and did accidently mix up teh colour pattern on the bottom but I think it looks ok. I am hoping to get this done ready for our first trip out in the van. But might just have to finish my green sweater first...

Right of to work now, apologies that I haven't had time to respond to comments, hoping to spend some time on the blog at the weekend.

Monday, March 15, 2021

She's here....

Oh my days, what a mothers day that was, not only did both by boys remember, they bought me a card each and a gift.  

Yummy, I can tell you they both taste very nice.

As it was a Sunday I decided to get my bake on, haven't made a cake in a few weeks

A nice lemon cake. I will try to resist and am hoping they wolf it down quickly. 

Then we had The Call, our new motorhome was on its way. Its not new new, but new to us...

She is beautiful and I cant wait to get out in her. We haven't thought of a name yet, we normally name them, sad but true. Hubs did a good job of the hardstanding, she just about fit in the space. She's in pretty good nick for her age and has quite low mileage, so am thinking we should get many years use of of her. I've booked a number of weekends away, when we are allowed to move and am hoping we don't end up staying in these current restrictions.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Another week.

Happy Monday!

Another week and a step closer to the easing of restrictions. I am so looking forward to being able to go grab a cuppa with a friend in an open place. Small steps but oh so welcome. I love my family but a year later I think we are all looking forward to seeing other people !

I'm also looking forward to being able to go a bit farther a field for a walk. We've stayed in area which has not been too bad, but I am so missing the coast. Recently some local people were fined as they travelled 30 miles to our nearest beach to go for a walk. 

The trouble is any local open space spots are blooming choc a block, especially if the sun is out! Its been a bit tricky with the hound, given he hates dogs and trying to find a nice dog free walk has been a pain.

 Hubs has worked out the best time for local walks and now the kids are back at school it should be better. But he's not been off lead for a run for a while so today, I took and extended lunch break , booked the dog field and went in the car with hubs and hound so he could run free. He's now passed out and probably will be very achy later, bless him.

Best way to spend my lunch break, think I may make it a  weekly thing whilst I am working from home.

Friday, March 5, 2021

FO Friday.

I actually have a finished knitted item.

 A lovely pair of plain old vanilla socks.

These were gift knitted  for a friend who is worthy of handknits.

This is the 3rd pair I have made her and she was overjoyed when she received them as she wasn't expecting them. The colourway was 'Jaipur' and, as  friend and I have been to Jaipur together  it just seemed the right thing to do to but it and knit them for her.

I really do love gifting handknits when they are appreciated. She doesn't know it but I'm knitting her some more with a shorter leg length, these were longer to wear with her walking boots! 

Her reaction was priceless and just made my day. I do love my friends. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

WIP Wednesday.

 No progress notes to show sorry, have been crap at taking any photos lately to be honest.

My Bees sweater is still being worked on, almost to the bottom of the body now which is a relief as it was really mundane TV knitting and I just want it finished now.

I'm still trying to finish my second pair of socks, but I may have inadvertently cast on another pair.... oops...

I generally knit most days with a bit of spinning happening at the weekends. Will try harder to take photos for next week.

So instead of knitting progress pictures I'll leave you with my lovely blooms which came last Friday, I did manage to take a pic of those.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Hello March !

Hello March, 

I have a good feeling about March, its a month of promise. Spring is popping up, the days are getting longer and there is so much to look forward to. I am hopeful we will start to come out of lockdown and will once again be able to see friends and family. 

This year seems to be whizzing by, 1 blink and another week has gone, given that I am not really doing much of anything its quite surprising how fast it is going.

I've no plans for March, other than staying at home and being safe , no surprise there then !

The best bits of February

Getting our motorhome, although we cant actually go anywhere in it yet.

Getting out and about, staying local !

mastering colourwork

Blue skies.

Lets see what March brings us.

Camp Bestival.

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