Thursday, June 3, 2021

Waving !

 May 17th was the last time I posted, where has time gone?

I've just been super busy with work and haven't felt like touching the computer when I've finished work. Reintegrating my job back into the real world, now I'm allowed out of my mini office has been a bit of a juggling act. In some ways good old Microsoft teams is far easier! But its nice being out and about again and actually having face to face conversations with people. 

Today I start a small period of leave so will get the chance to slow down and relax. I have 6 whole days off! what bliss. The suns disappeared but it does feel cooler so am thankful for that !

So what have I done since I blogged last?

Frankie boy was very much a home dog, our last 2 dogs ashes were scattered in their favourite places so we were unsure what to do with Frankie's ashes. We decided we would keep him with us. We bought a beautiful azalea, [its a salmon orange, colours a bit blown out on the picture] and a new pot and laid his ashes to rest in the pot. We think he'd like it, and we get to say hello each morning.

We got to go and visit family in Exeter, we stayed overnight and helped them to christen their new garden deck. It was lovely to see people we hadn't seen in over a year and as the weather was glorious we stayed up till past midnight sat around the fire, just catching up. I've missed family.

Not a lot done other than just living, work and home, some knitting, some spinning some reading, I was very excited for the last instalment of the Seven sisters being released

I've thoroughly loved this set of books. I really hate that they release the hardback version first and make you wait a year for a paperback version, obviously I didn't wait and have bought the hardback, its very big, not really something you can chuck in your bag etc. I've saved it so I can start reading it over the next week whilst I'm relaxing.

We're actually about to head off to Dorset in Stan The van. Sons will be home looking after the house so I anticipate a nice quiet few days, hopefully good weather and some coastal walking. Haven't been to Dorset for many a year. 

Many thanks for all the comments over the past week or so, I will get around to answering at some point over the next few days. Its very much appreciated that you take the time to stop by and leave a comment or two. 


  1. It's good to see that all is well with you, and the opportunity to meet with your family sounds just the tonic.
    The sun has disappeared here today as well, so I no longer have a good excuse to ignore my household chores :)
    The azalea is beautiful. X

    1. Thanks Jules, the Azalea really is a gorgeous colour.

  2. The azalea is beautiful. Enjoy your break in Dorset you've earned it.

  3. Glad to see you back and that all is well :) Have a lovely break x


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