Sunday, September 26, 2021

A quiet weekend.

 I have had a real slow weekend. Just poddling about and doing more sorting. I seem to be in a sort the house out mood at the moment. 

Other than sort, I popped out to have a coffee and a catch up with a friend which was lovely and I got a bit of dog therapy in as she has a beautiful greyhound. Lovely friend also gave us  some new garden lights

The sun orb is absolutely fab, as is the hanging lantern. My little fairy corner is starting to come to life.

 No 2 son wanted to pop to the mall to pick something up so we made a little trip of it. As usual I popped into Waterstones, cant help myself and bought another 2 books

They both caught my eye and should be enjoyable reads.  They have joined the to read pile but I'm thinking of reading Medusa next. 

Today has been sorting out the spare room , which seems to have become a very large storage facility, so that our friend can have a cosy stay when she comes to visit next weekend.  
gfather in law has just arr8ived for a Sunday lunch so from here on in its rest and relax time before I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Friday, September 24, 2021

FO Friday.

 I have actually managed to finish something!

finished and blocked and pictures taken, it must be a first in a while...

I finally managed to finish the test knit for Kernow Designs.

This is her Par Sands Cosy Cardigan, knit in her Cornish Gold colourway on 4 ply sock base. 
I may adjust the neckline slightly and make the shoulder seams longer but that's about it. It actually fits well, but I am not used to wearing bright colours especially garments that finish at waist line...may take some getting used to.

I have an unexpected day at home today, not working as was meant to be going away with youngest's godparents, but it got cancelled. So I have gone through all the available project bags and added them to my Ravelry projects page. I am determined to get these projects finished by the end of the year !

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Clearing my space.

No adventures in Stan the van  this weekend, instead I am weekending at home. As we've been away quite a lot I don't feel guilty about not ' doing' anything this weekend. Hubby and the boys went off to watch Rugby last night so my weekend began in peace and quiet when I finished work.

 I have been hankering after a good old sort out in my combined office/ crafting  space for a while as it was starting to get messy. well actually it was starting to pile up behind me as I worked. Mainly knitting project bags! Once things start to get messy so does my brain.

So this morning I pulled it all out, dumped it in the bedroom , took the massive computer riser off of the desk as it was taking up far too much space, weirdly since I bought it I have not needed to use it to stand and work,  Then I went through everything. 

I already had the boxes but it was good to rummage through and remember what I had. There really is a lot to work through, in all honestly I don't need to buy any crafting supplies for quite a while. Maybe over winter I can start to use some of it up. I squeezed in a couple of projects I am not working on yet, Whilst rummaging I also found my lost backpack, inadvertently packed away with project bags !

I also decided to clear the bottom book shelf so I could pop my sewing machine up off of the floor, I jigged a few more things around  to try and clear the floor space. Its a small box room upstairs so really isn't very big. One black bag of rubbish and 2 carrier bags of books later I was done. All that was left was to pop it back in.

The little basket on the floor is all my small projects I want to finish, 2 pairs of socks, my hat and a shawl I started on our week away in July. All those container boxes contain yarn or fabric or fibre to spin. The wooden box on top contains big projects I want to finish, my sweater and a poncho, and also a crochet blanket. I will continue to restrain myself and not cast on anything else or buy yarn !
I keep a little toiletry basket in their as when hubby is on lates I tend to use this as my dressing room  so I don't disturb him when I get up.

The space feels so much better now I have sorted it out. Now I will be able to sit and work without a huge pile of stuff behind me...

Friday, September 17, 2021

FO- Fibre to yarn.

I have actually managed to finish something ! 

I started this project on March 19th this year. I cant believe its taken me so long to get it finished. It started off as this 

and went like this

I'm really pleased with it. Its about a sock weight yarn and quite even spinning. I've added it to my box of homespun yarns and at some point I will think of a project to make with them all.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

WIP Wednesday.

 I've managed to keep on track with being faithful with my 3 projects. No new cast on's at all.

I've only knit on two though

added a few more rows to my Bridge end hat, now at the point where I have to start shaping the head. Still loving this project.

Then I knit a  storm on my weekender sweater, its really easy knitting and great for travelling

I've knit the body, divided ready for the sleeves and am knitting up the front. Not far from the shoulder seams now. the bottom pic is more an accurate colour. This is actually the inside of the sweater, the line down the middle is a pattern on the outside of the sweater. As I have a load of stitches on a holder I didn't want to turn it the right way, hopefully you'll get to see it next week, as I'm hoping the front will be done and the back will be back on the needle.

And finally

I've done nothing on my Parr Sands cardigan , I've only got to do a small band on each side at top , then sew in ends and block, planning to do this this coming weekend as I will be home. I'm getting quite excited that I may actually finish some things....

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Woolacombe weekend.

 Had a great weekend at Damage Barton campsite in Stan The Van.

I absolutely loved this site, each pitch had a sea view ! very clean and well maintained.

The weather was great, the company fab and of course we ate and drank far too much. 

On Saturday we took a bus ride into Woolacombe, could very easily have walked in along the coast path but one companion has a dodgy knee the other a dodgy hip, the joys of ageing !

less crowded but still busy in the town. We managed an hour on the beach then set off in search of lunch and had a walk around the little town.  In the evening we went into Morthoe for a meal

We had booked into Miss Feas cafe, what a glorious meal, if you are in the area its worth trying out, you do need to book in advance though as its very popular.

Sunday saw us miss the rain so we set off to Chambercombe manor, as seen on TV's most haunted !

We had booked a tour, really interesting to hear about its history, the guide was amazing. No spirits to be noted though. The grounds are a bit run down but the house tour is well worth a visit. There's a little café so you can also grab a drink & snack.

We then headed into Ilfracombe for a mooch

and had a walk on a little beach so our friends  hound could take a dip! 

Overall had a great weekend, really enjoyed it and felt very relaxed coming home. We only have 1 more trip away in the van booked, which is quiet sad as I have really enjoyed our summer of adventures. 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Weekend plans again.

 How refreshing to wake up this morning to rain ! 

I could hear the garden sigh. It certainly felt cooler today. I am, however, hoping the rain doesn't last as we are off away in Stan The Van for the weekend. Boys as usual staying home looking after said garden and house.

This weekend we are off to Devon, our lovely Cornish friend got to site today and sent me this

a picture of our plot, next to hers, between her table and the next van.

There is a sea view but it was raining. I think she felt I needed reassurance after out last horrible pitch. I am so looking forward to getting some outdoor space and fresh air. There are bonuses to home working but the negative is I sit in a small box room alone when I am not out in a service. I am actually looking forward to some cooler walking with less crowds...

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

WIP Wednesday.

 I have been faithful to my 3 chosen projects to finish, despite the temptation to cast on. I have directed my cast on urge to start planning my knits for next year ! [see my 12 projects for 22 page]

I have managed to knit some on each project  and whilst they are not finished there is definite progress afoot.

First up my Bridge End Hat.

This is a lovely knit and really hoping it comes out at the right size for my head!

Then my Weekender sweater

And finally my Parr Sands Cardigan

Just the button band to go then a good blocking to get it into shape. It looks very wide and short currently, also need to stitch the shoulder seams up slightly, . Its a drop shoulder and was knit to be more a short length. This will be finished soon. I love the colour but the combination of the shape, the colour and the length has got me wondering if I will actually wear it. 

Goal this month is to get cardigan and hat finished at get to the sleeve separation point on the sweater.

Monday, September 6, 2021

September's reading plan.

 May have bought new books.....

Needed to pop to The Mall for juniors birthday and Waterstones was between the 2 shops that I needed to go to, one on ground floor and 1 on upper floor. Despite not needing any books I just had to go in for a browse.

These 2 caught my eye, 'Before the coffee gets cold' is a translation of a Japanese book. I love the sound of coffee based time travel ! Its also quite a small book so will probably be read over 2 evenings or in 1 go. 

'Everything is beautiful' pulled me in for its cover initially, but then the blurb got me. A woman who collects things that others may chuck away, but to her are beautiful and act as memories of a past life that could have been. 

My final book for September will be

The return of the witch. 

My friend gave me the shadow Chronicles set, of which this is part. There are 4 books, this is number 4 but is a continuation of book one, the other 2 are stand alone books on the same theme.  Friend said to read this after the first book and so I will.  I really enjoyed book one so am hopeful that I will like this. 

Only 3 books planned this month as I really want to get a blooming knitting project finished and I haven't mastered the art of reading a physical book whilst knitting. I know I could do audible or use my Kindle but I really love a real book, and love the experience of bookshops.

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