Monday, January 31, 2022

January 22.

Happy 31st January. 

We've made it through the long grey month. Our days are getting longer and the promise of warmer weather is just around the corner, well I hope it is anyway.

 We've made the most of it and taken January as a month to relax and prepare for the year ahead. We've got our for some walks, spent time together and even managed to take Stan the van out for a trip.

I've read some books

Obviously did some knitting

Finally pulled out my wheel

Baked a cake

And started the hunt for some new cupboards for a kitchen update

I really want a pantry !

All in all its not been a bad month. 


  1. It's not a month I enjoy but yours sounded not too bad at all. Your cake looks yummy and your new kitchen cupboards are superb.


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