Thursday, January 20, 2022

Just another week.

Another week has passed with no blogging to be seen. Personally I blame the full moon on the 17th. I certainly had a case of the January blues and a touch of restlessness. It's only now I feel like blogging and to be honest have little to blog about. Well nothing that I feel is of note.

I have, however, been trying to notice the small positive things in my day. Which when I work full time stuck in my little box bedroom for most of the day, can sometimes be difficult to do . I am so ready for Spring and longer days to arrive.

Noticing the small things

A cold frosty start, choosing to use public transport rather than drive myself to an onsite, out of area working day.

Taking time to look at the frosty plants and plastic bottle top flowers 

And just enjoying a couple of train journeys watching the view go by, no reading or work was done as they were only 2 short train trips.

Taking a moment to stop and watch the glow from the golden hour outside of my window making shadows on my wall

Sharing a glass or two of wine with the hubby in front of a lovely fire

And totally throwing away any plans not to cast on anything new as I really wanted to cast on something else...

Rock Candy Shawl using Giggling Gecko Yarn which is a dream combination. This pattern is addictive and all I want to knit.

And deciding that I really needed a new book, honestly, there really wasn't anything I wanted to read in my to read pile 😁

To which I am now going to sign off, make a cup of tea and start the first chapter.


  1. I know the feeling, wfh really does cut us off a bit; I go for a walk most days just to get some scenery and desperately scan the horizon for something blog worthy!

    1. It really is so isolating, I am longing for longer daylight hours as by the time I have finished work its dark already.

  2. Having read your first paragraph I thought "join the club", it's how I've felt too. Blaming the full moon is a good reason I suppose. A glass of wine in front of the fire sounds good to me. I smiled when you found nothing to read in your to read pile :)

    1. January just seems a long grey month... a new book always does the trick, i generally don't need much of an excuse to buy a book.

  3. It's good to look for the little positives in your day, it's so easy to let each day slip by thinking that nothing really has happened but there's always something to note. Isn't that book cover lovely, I'm often drawn to a book by what it looks like, and they say don't judge a book by its cover, haha.

    1. I really am trying to do that, its so easy to be glum working from home in dark grey months.


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