Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Reading plans.

Last year I read a total of 37 books. Not bad. An average of 3 pr month. 

I love books, I love reading and I love buying books. My preference is a real book, there's something nice about curling up with a real book rather than an electronic gadget. I do own a kindle, but generally it collects dust.

As part of my plans to reduce, reuse and recycle this year, my ' to read' pile also came under the spotlight. My plans were to read from what I have and not be tempted to buy more books. Sooooo difficult.....

I love to have my own little  library so I can mooch and decide what I fancy reading. But a plan is a plan. So here's my first small reading pile. There are still many books on the shelves but I have taken out a pile.

Hopefully I will have these read by the half year point. If I don't get distracted and buy more books that is.

Yesterday I had a really really long work commute across 4 trains and back so I managed to read 1 book

I quite enjoyed it and an easy read when train hopping.

I'm also reading this beauty which was a gift from Hubby 

I'm thoroughly enjoying this book, she is such an interesting character and to read about her life just makes me love her more. Its a large hardback though so not very transportable. 

Alongside my reading I also have a whole little mini library of inspirational books for the year, these are books that I will be popping in and out of over the year.

These are books that I have been drawn to. Some feature food, some about reconnecting to nature and some about creativity. There's also a couple of books about WICCA and mystical thinking !  

I've just pulled this one out to start

I picked this up on our last trip in Glastonbury last year. I was actually in one of the gift shops but they had this little hidden book nook so I just had to take a peak and this really appealed to me. 

I am quite happy with my book piles and am looking forward to cracking on. I did manage my first resist yesterday, I stopped in the WH Smiths at one of the stations and whilst I did look at the books I actually turned away empty handed....


  1. I admire your willpower. I used to be the same, couldn't resist buying books but sent bagfuls to the charity donation centre about three years ago but found it hard to let go. It's good to have a stack for you to choose from.

    1. Like you I do find it difficult to get rid of them I would keep them all if I had space....


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