Tuesday, January 4, 2022

WIP Wednesday.

 Despite my urge to cast on all the new projects in reality I have far to many projects on the needles. So being very restrained I have picked 3 projects to finish this month. I picked the easiest of the large projects.

Knitting it in the Creative melange big super chunky in the blue colourway.
Its gloriously snug and will be fabulous for summer nights sat outside Stan the Van. Its knitting up pretty quick so am hopeful i can get it finished by the weekend. 

Then I have chosen 2 small projects to finish, my hat and my stripe socks

I'm feeling positive that I can get 3 projects done by the month end, who knows I may even manage another project to finish.


  1. Wow, fingers crossed you will finish them all, you will of course :)

    1. Thank you for your positivity ! I am hoping I dont get distracted...

  2. Good luck with getting those finished. I have to say that my crafting mojo has disappeared at the moment but I'm sure it will return in due course.

    1. hope your mojo returns soon, I don't know how id manage without my crafting...


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