Monday, February 28, 2022

February 22.

This year is whizzing by, I can't believe it's March tomorrow. 

It's been a full month, my birthday month  A whole year older. 

So what did February look like this year?

3 storms hit, luckily we came away with only a few panes of class missing from the greenhouse.

My biggest achievement this month was getting my request to do a 9 day working fortnight agreed. That means I am still fulltime but get every other Monday off, adding those hours to the other 9 days in my working fortnight. My next work goal would be to achieve a 4 day week. Still pondering how to do that as very reluctant to lose income at the moment.

My first time back in the office since March 2020 and this was my view from a whole different desk. I'm still predominantly working from home though.

The biggest and best surprise was Rosie. We took a while finding the right time to get another hound, then the opportunity to get Rosie came along quite quickly.

Stopping at Porthcawl on the way back from visiting Rosie for the first time,  

We are all so excited to bring her home, this was a picture I took during a zoom call with her, 2 weeks old and her eyes are now open. She is such a sweetie. 

Very Lucky to have had 2 trips away this month

A solo weekend away to see my friend in Cornwall

Followed by a birthday weekend away in Brixham with the hubby

I made time to get to Clevedon to see my friend and take a walk

I  read 3 books

All linked on my 2022 book list tab. I enjoyed all of them but my favourite was probably The impulse Purchase. I am having a severe case of wanting to read chic lit but having none on my book pile...

I finally got the stand for my rigid heddle loom that Hubby bought me for Christmas so took the opportunity to get it set up

Still working it out but quite pleased with my first attempt.

Yet again went back to slimming group, I keep at it hoping at some point my willpower will kick in and I will shift more than a few pounds. I am getting increasingly more aware of the impact my weight is having on my health.

Despite my grand plans not to cast on any new knitting projects, I succumbed to a new one

Pics from the website, Tribe Yarns.

My colour choices, October Sky kit.

I absolutely love the yarn and the pattern is teaching me lots of new skills. I am part of a mini knit along so making some new friends along the way too.

Monthly review posts reflection:

 I choose what to blog and only tend to post the good stuff. A positive' look back' for me to remember all the good stuff when my mind is focussing on the bad stuff. 

This month's post has proven tricky and I did feel somewhat uncomfortable posting  this given what is going on in the world right now. [choosing not to discuss world politics or war on my blog]. 

I am thankful to have a job, be surrounded by my family and fabulous friends and have a life full of  experiences and opportunity without fear.

I am thinking I may need to balance my blog a bit more.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Meeting Rosie, our new family member.

 So yesterday we got to go over to Wales and meet our new pup.. excited was an understatement.

Saturday morning we got up early and checked the weather, not good but not as bad as it could have been. Decision made to go over and visit the pup.

A pretty grey, windy and dismal drive. We literally had to drive to the very end of the M4 and then some. Restrictions were in place on some stretches due to wind which added to the journey, I am so glad hubby was driving.

We finally got there and met our new girl, Rosie. We had trouble choosing a name as we usually have boys, but this one was agreed by all. 

She's only 7 days old, so didn't really handle her and her eyes are still closed. The lovely lady we are buying from has been sending pics and will video call us so we can track her as she grows.  Here she is with her mum

And that's her  mum Jess. I would imagine this is pretty much what Rosie will look like. 

We did do our research before hand and made sure it was a reputable breeder, this couple are registered with the kennel club as are their dogs and the pups will also be registered. We were able to view where they lived and also saw the other dogs they have, all female borders, no males as they go away to ' mate' for want of a  better word. 

 As we are due to go to USA we will pick her up when we get back, she will be 10 weeks old then so would have had an extra 2 weeks with mum. 

We did think long and hard before we ' shopped' for a puppy. We have had 3 large rescue dogs before this and this time really wanted a smaller dog and a dog whose history we were fully aware of. It means that we are also able to train her and socialise her and hopefully take her on many adventures in Stan The Van. 

After our visit we decided to drop by Porthcawl and grab some chips and sit on the front. It was blooming freezing and still very windy.

so we bought our chips and sat in the car after a very windy walk. 

Today I am having my first restful Sunday in quite a while. I may have cast on another knitting project....

Friday, February 18, 2022

The Birthday weekend.

 How is it Friday already? 

I hope you are all safe out there, its been a bit wild here, the greenhouse has taken the major hit and now needs a lot of new panes of glass. 

Last weekend was my birthday weekend away. what a fabulous time we had despite some wet weather.

The apartment was stunning

and had fabulous views over the harbour

We arrived on Friday, mid afternoon. Hubs was feeling a bit rough with a cold, not covid, we did the tests. So whilst I unpacked he went off for a snooze. The view was so great we stayed in the apartment until about 5 when we headed down to the harbour for a few drinks and a meal.

Saturday looked promising so Hubs and I set off early for a walk and breakfast before the rain hit.

The afternoon was spent just gazing out over the harbour in the rain, hubs watching rugby, me just enjoying some real peace and quite. I may have even had an afternoon nap !
Saturday night we walked down to the harbour again and grabbed a pizza.

Sundays weather was blooming awful, we had a slow steady morning and headed out later in the day and managed to grab a lovely Sunday roast.

We were lucky enough to spot 2 common dolphins swimming about in the harbour, difficult to grab a great pic though.

Monday was pack up and go home day, and yes the sun came out, typical.

I had a fabulous weekend, I felt really relaxed and like I had had a proper break. The apartment was gorgeous and I loved watching the busy harbour with all the fishing boats coming in and out. I will definitley go back.

Back to work on Tuesday and it doesn't feel like I have actually stopped until now.
I really need to sort my blogging out, I am so behind with everyone's blogs.
Hopefully I can catch up over the weekend.

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