2021 Book list.

  1. His Dark materials
  2. A year at the chateau
  3. The cottage of curiosities
  4. The house at Magpie Cove
  5. My kind of happy. 
  6. The midnight library.
  7. The rules of seeing.
  8. Madame Burova.
  9. The book Charmer.
  10. Homesick
  11. The secret of sunshine.
  12. The Cornish cream Tea Summer.
  13. The missing sister.
  14. The Sea Gate
  15. Love, Lobster and the art of moonlight kissing.
  16. An endless Cornish Summer.
  17. Caraval
  18. Legendary.
  19. Finale
  20. Thread Needle
  21. Hope & Happiness in Bluebell wood.
  22. Finding home
  23. Island on the edge of the world.
  24. Beneath Cornish Skies
  25. Welcome to Ferry Lane Market.
  26.  The Witches Daughter.
  27. Return of the witch.
  28. The secret gift of Lucia Lemon.
  29. Away with the penguins
  30. Bad Karma
  31. Medusa
  32. Once upon a broken heart.
  33. Don't laugh it will only encourage her.
  34. let it snow
  35. Christmas on the isle of sky
  36. The Cornish cream tea Christmas
  37. A special Cornish Christmas


  1. I find that I've already read 4 of these books - and 2 more are now on my Kindle (free on 'Kindle Unlimited') so thanks for sharing your list. I'm now a 'Follower' of yours!
    - Rosemary

    1. Hi Rosemary, thanks for following. My reading list is a bit slow growing at the moment...


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