Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Bude Weekend.

Another weekend away, this time off to Bude and celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary. 

I'm going to be honest, whilst it was a glorious weekend I am absolutely knackered and so looking forward to some time at home. August has been a full on month of weekends away. Its taken its toll.  I'm looking forward to quieter months ahead as the weekend season slows down. 

 The site was lovely but we must have had the worst pitch on site, it was an end pitch next to the toilet block and a junction into the next camping area. I think they squeezed as many people as possible in, it was full capacity. I cant fault the service or hygiene of the place, the staff were on it. Just that so many people were booked in. We were out all day so it was just evenings, but we walked to our friends pitch where there was more privacy. 

Bude it self was full of people and everywhere was full and booked up. However we managed to stay social distanced for the most part and had a fab time. Covid tests on return were negative, phew....

Today was straight back to work, but I'm sneaking in a quick blog post or it will be days before I do. So here is a few snaps of our lovely weekend away.

The Pitch- P37 Wooda Farm Holiday Park. 

our pitch and the evening view, that is the sea in the distance, we parked facing towards the hedge to get some privacy !

Around the site.

Blackrock Beach.

Bude canal.

and beach, although we decided not to go onto the beach

and just like that our weekend was over, we got up and headed home as soon as poss. yesterday as was anticipating typical bank holiday traffic, however it was ok and we got home in a timely manner.

Next year we have decided to stay well clear of Cornwall during summer season, I love it but its just too busy now. We shall have to think of a different place to celebrate our anniversary.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

WIP Wednesday.

 An actual post that is not related to weekend jollies ! 

Thought it about time I did a WIP post. 

This is the 3 current WIP bags I have been focussing on. [I have many more]

Lets take my small reindeer one first, this is a little transportable project.

 This is going to be a Bridge End hat. Despite having knitted lots of hats I have yet to get one that fits nicely. This is using up some west Yorkshire spinners sock yarn and some random mohair that I had in stash. I am loving this pattern. 

Next up is my sheep project bag

I started knitting with this yarn then decided I didn't like the project. Started another project and just knitting as I unwind... its going to be The Weekender. A simple weekend pullover for the chilly times. Not very far in as you can see.

Finally my little bee bag

This is a test knit for Kernow Designs, its the Parr sands cardigan. Pattern not available as yet. The yarn is also hers, its called Cornish gold. This is going to be a shorty cardigan , and has a waterfall type section at front. Its looking very square at the moment but I am sure it will fall into shape when blocking, then I just have to be brave enough to wear it, very out of my comfort zone.

I desperately need to get some of my projects finished as there is so much I want to cast on...

Monday, August 23, 2021

Another weekend adventure.

 I appreciate that I am incredibly lucky, and am aware that this blog just seems to be me posting about trips away. But yes, I did have another weekend away and I also have one this coming weekend.  My leave this year has predominantly been used for weekend trips, I only have 2 separate whole weeks booked off, the rest is odd days. Its just the way its gone this year with my job and covid restrictions. Normal blogging will resume in September when I actually get to have some time at home, other than for work.

So where did I get to this weekend?

Hubs was having a boys weekend to celebrate his birthday and return to work ! Due to extortionate prices for August staycations I gave them the house to use. I made arrangements to go to my friends in Cornwall. No additional days, just go down after work on Friday and come back Sunday night. Chose the train as trying to escape Bristol on a Friday in rush hour is Nye on impossible. 

I had a blooming awful trek down, the traffic in Bristol was at a standstill so I only just got to the train station on time, Then the train was delayed which meant I arrived into the connecting station late and missed the connecting train so had tow ait an hr for the next one. I arrived into Truro at about 9.45pm,  could have been worse I suppose. Friend picked me up and away we went.

The forecast wasn't looking great but we actually managed to have a good time and the sun came out. Saturday was grey and drizzly so we set off early and headed to Perranporth with the dog. Anticipating crowds due to school holidays, we wanted to be able to find a parking space. 

It actually wasn't too bad and we walked the whole length of the beach and back, only needing to put coats on once.

It wasn't too crowded, we even managed to grab a table at The Watering hole to grab some lunch.

Sunday we stayed relatively close to her house as we had lunch booked with some other friends. We set off early and went for a glorious walk.

Then before I knew it, Sunday lunch had been eaten and I set off to get my train back home.
Now I have only 3 more working days and I'm off for a long weekend this time in Stan the Van. Today has gone remarkably fast, I'm back on the train for work tomorrow and wont be back till late so that really only leaves 2 days to try and fit home stuff in......

Monday, August 16, 2021

Slimbridge weekend.

 Went off for a planned weekend away with friends. Friends have a VW camper so it was very much outdoor living as her hubs is still semi shielding. He's ok in open spaces but not indoors yet.

As its still school summer holidays we decided to stay inland and not go too far away.  We headed north for about 40mins and arrived at our destination, Tudor Caravan Park  in Slimbridge.   

Hubs and I arrived just after 1pm, our friends arrived about 5pm. We had a lazy evening with a  meal booked in the pub next door. The weather was great and it was comfortable enough sitting outside till about 10pm.

Saturday we had booked to go to the Slimbridge wetland centre.  As we walked to the centre the sun came out and blessed us all day.  It was lovely walking around looking at all the birds. Its a very well laid out site and has enjoyable walks and enough space to feel comfortable.  We had a great time and would definitley go back. 

Saturday night was BBQ night, again 5teh weather was good, too cloudy to see any stars but nice to be able to sit outside. Then it was Sunday, time to go home we had a lazy morning sat in the sun reading our books until we left at 1pm. 

Another great weekend away, it felt like a real break. Now its Monday and I'm back at my desk, post swim ready to start the week ahead. 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Merthyr Mermaid.

Tuesday night I picked up on a programme about  Cath Pendleton , alternatively known as the Merthyr Mermaid.

Cath is a cold water / ice swimmer and is a Guinness world  record holder as the first woman to swim 1 mile in the Arctic Polar Circle. Cath has also swum the English Channel.

Some of you may remember I have taken up swimming recently and go before work most days. I'm still struggling with getting 20 lengths done in my half hr slot, but dream of being strong enough to actually go for a proper swim  in the sea.  2 problems with that I don't live near the sea and have a Fish phobia...  

However, she really inspired me to keep at it, she demonstrated that if you have a passion or a goal and you keep working towards it you can achieve them. 

BBC are running the  series called ' Our Lives'  currently, its also available on BBC I Player for catch ups. If you like hearing about about  people working towards their dreams then it's a good series to watch. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

What I'm reading .

 I've whipped through a few books since my last book post.

I read and thoroughly enjoyed Thread needle, just my cup of tea. 

Then I changed my mind about reading Night Circus and pulled out a nice easy read

Great romance with some added magic, nice easy read.

Then I read this 

Enjoyable read if not a bit predictable. 

And now i'm between books and not knowing what to read. I have a huge pile so am pretty sure one will call to be before too long.

Slow Mornings.

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