Saturday, April 30, 2022

Rosie at 11 weeks old.

Our lovely little Rosie is 11 weeks old today.

She's gaining her confidence and her little personality is coming out. She's quite a cheeky little mischief maker.

This morning she went for her first trip to the big pet store. She certainly got a lot of attention! She's now got a new collar and a teeny harness so we can start taking her out and about.

Mind you I think she'd prefer to be carried!

Friday, April 29, 2022

Orlando day 1, off to Hollywood studios.

 Body clocks still on English time so we were all up early so headed out to Hollywood studios. Disney parks have to be booked in advance so we had had time to think about our plan of action given the huge crowds and waiting times for rides.

First ride of the day and a gentle 45 minute wait

then onto Star Wars

There was a 2.5 hr wait for Ride of the resistance.... we stood it out.. it was well worth it

Due to the heat and jet lag we decided that was enough queuing for the day so headed off to look for a drink and just wander the park

Had a quiet evening as we were all very tired and needing our beds but had a great first day. The theming in these parks never ceases to amaze me.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Orlando, Part 1.

Wow, we had a great holiday. It was so nice to be able to finally go.  I feel very grateful to have been able to finally have our family holiday. I appreciate that others are not so fortunate. I have been undecided about posting my holiday , but I really want to include it on my blog, this acts almost as diary for me to look back on.

If you are not a lover of holiday snaps and find them boring then i suggest you look away no. I took hundreds of pictures ! fear not I wont upload all of them !

We headed up to Heathrow the night before and stayed at the premier inn on the bath road. We arrived about 5.30 had an evening meal and a few drinks then headed up to our rooms.

Up bright and early the next day and got a cab back into Heathrow. Despite the paperwork and covid tests required pre flight the actual checking in process was very easy and no queuing.

a 9.5 hr flight later and we landed at MCO airport in Orlando.

Phew, was it hot....we headed out to find our coach for transfer to the airport all feeling very tired, it was 4pm Florida time but 9pm our time so we were getting a bit jaded.

great view from the balcony, we had a 2 bed suite, it was showing its age but was clean, comfy and functional so no problem there. 

The first evening we were very tired so just went to the bar on site and ate there and had a few drinks before we headed off to bed for the night.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

No post holiday blues this time, Rosie's home !

 Wow, we actually made it to Florida and had an amazing trip. Pics to follow at a later point.

Normally I get some post holiday blues, but not this time. We arrived back from USA on Sunday and went to pick up Rosie yesterday.

It was an hour and a half trip back home but she was as good as gold, no accidents or crying or whining. She slept between my lap and her soft crate that was next to me.

As soon as we got her we all instantly fell in love with her she is a real cutie. She is however very much a puppy and requires lots of love and attention.

This is her most favourite place, my lap. I am so happy, the last 3 hounds were very much men's dogs and far to big to be a lap dog...

I will not be getting any knitting done for the foreseeable future, nor I suspect anything that requires my attention not to be on her ! She has had 24 hours of pure love and attention, tomorrow we try and get her on a  schedule as she is far to busy to eat or sleep at the moment....

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

WIP wednesday.

It's been a slow week on the knitting front, my mojo left me in amongst all the stress of the upcoming holiday.  

I did manage to finish my poncho but you'll have to wait till I come back from holidays for some pictures of that, it needs a block and I just don't have time or the inclination to be honest.

I have on the odd occasion this week picked up this

This is the October Sky Colourway. 

Bought from Tribe Yarns

I love everything about this sweater, and whilst its a slow knit I am really loving it. The kit comes with the KAL notes and videos so that you are able to customise the sweater to fit your body. 

I spilt for the sleeves and decided to do the sleeves first. I'm customising the decreases slightly so it fits my arm better, then when the arms are complete I will start the body.

The pattern comes with guides to add bust darts and waist shaping . I am really excited about this  as I actually think I will end up with a jumper I will wear !

Its a great kit, great yarn and great instructions. 

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Books, reading and my own mini library.

 Here we are at April already ! This year really is whizzing by. 

Remember this

I manged to read 7 from the pile and it now looks like this

rejigged, a couple more added and a couple swapped out, this is my current want to read pile. It will obviously keep changing and I doubt it will ever shrink ! I really am a book addict and just cant help adding to them, I love having my own mini library to pick and chose from

This year, in the first quarter I have read

you can pop over to the 2022 book page and click the link on the title to find out more on each book. 

I have really enjoyed all of these books this first part of the year, and if I continue to read 3 books a month, and don't add to my collection,  I still wont get through all the books I have waiting on my shelves to read!

Number 11 is the current read

Only just started this one,  hopefully will be able to finish it by the time I jump on the plane at the end of the week as I have bought this as my plane read 

Its about a 9.5 hr flight as well as all the airport waiting. I am never comfortable knitting on a plane so will immerse myself in a book and hope the time passes quickly. 

What are your reading plans this month?

Slow Mornings.

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