Thursday, June 23, 2022

Slow Mornings.

 One thing Rosie has bought to my life is slow quiet mornings. I am learning to embrace them. 

This morning we were up at 6, she went out into the garden to do her morning business and comes back in for a cuddle and another hour or 2 of sleeping. 

I make a cup of tea whilst she is out there and then when she comes in we head into the lounge, she expects her favourite cushion and my lap to be ready.

As she sleeps I drink my cuppa and have got into the habit of reading.

My current read which I am enjoying, a nice easy read chic lit !

As she starts to stir I head out to grab my breakfast and another cuppa, Rosie normally joins me for her breakfast but this hot weather has put her out a bit, so this morning I took my breakfast into the garden and watched the birds as Rosie mooched about in the garden not wanting to eat yet.

The olive tree is where we keep the small bird kitchen!

I am really enjoying a slow start to my day, I  do feel guilty that I should be out walking or swimming given that I it at my desk all day, but, give it a month or 2 and she may well have moved into a different puppy stage and be up for early morning walks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Another mini adventure with Stan.

How come its Wednesday already? I really don't know where time is going these days. 

Last weekend we snook off in Stan the Van to meet up with some friends on a little campsite not to far away, Batcombe Vale.  We arrived on Friday and left on Sunday. Just a short one but it was lovely to spend time with friends.

Little and Large, our friends Greyhound !

Past her bedtime so snuggled in her blanket !

It was a little out of the way so we stayed onsite, which was pretty big with some nice little walks for the dogs. I think, as everywhere, they were struggling with staff as the only thing that let it down was the lack of anyone on site  which means the loos and showers were not cleaned nor were the overflowing bins in the bathrooms.  Such a shame as it really is a very peaceful site

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

WIP Wednesday.

I've not really been knitting much and if I have it's been socks or a hat. Plain easy knitting. But I really want to get my Richmond Hill sweater finished. I am loving knitting it.

I am so pleased with how the sleeve has turned out, it was a joy to knit. I've picked it up this week and made a start on the 2nd sleeve. Hopefully I can do a pattern band per night and then move onto the body. Maybe finish it by end of July.

Then I've started back on my weaving. I've still got the practice piece set up so want to practice a bit more before I move onto a real project.

A bit wonky in places and different sorts of rows, but it's interesting to see how the colours move together. 

I've started on a new book as just couldn't get on with the night circus

This was on my kindle and is a gentle chic lit read. Its part of a series so may well read the others after.

The final WIP

Little Rosie dog  she woke me up at 5am to go out then came back in and promptly fell asleep on my lap....

Monday, June 13, 2022

A very social weekend.

 I very rarely say this but I was glad to be back at work today !

We had a great weekend but it was full of  socialising. Our friend arrived on Friday and every day we had a different set off friends over to catch up with her. Luckily the weather was fab so we made the most of the garden,

Whilst I love all my friends I do struggle when I don't get ' down time'  I am very much a person who needs some quiet time each day and this weekend I could feel myself start to get niggly by Sunday afternoon and today I am absolutely shattered.  A quiet day in my little office was much appreciated. 

Rosie had a fab time as our friend bought her dog with her so Rosie had a house guest all weekend. Then Yesterday the final set of friends also bought their dog to visit, as you can imagine Rosie was full of excitement. She is also very tired today.

Tomorrow I am actually going into our main office, its quite strange, I actually have to think about what to wear ! I've booked my self in once per week for the next few weeks as I think it will help get some mojo back and get used to being with people again. I am sure this weekend I was overwhelmed with having to socialise constantly.

Luckily I'm on a 4 day week again as have leave on Friday as were off in Stan the Van for the weekend. More time with friends, hopefully I will be refreshed by then !

With her friend Boris, an old rescue staffie. He loved her !

Friday, June 10, 2022

Another week done.

Blimey, time is really flying by. Work is busy which always helps but boy could I do with some down time. 

This week I had an overnight trip for work all the way to Norfolk and back the next day after work. It was exhausting as it takes me 5 separate train connections, one of which was the London underground. Its always a race to make sure you get your connection though.  

We have friends visiting all over the weekend so although we are home we will be entertaining and managing Rosie's excitement. One of the guests is a hound. I expect a full weekend  of fun  and laughter so I hope the weather holds for us. No 1 son has headed off to a local festival for the weekend so he's also hoping for dry weather.

Apologies to my fellow bloggers I have had little time to pop  by and catch up with you all. I am hoping for some time next week to get back on track.  

PS, The night Circus is not drawing me in, I had 2 very long train journeys and just couldn't get into it. May have to try a new book....

Monday, June 6, 2022

A weekend escape.

We took Rosie and headed off in Stan the van to enjoy the long weekend. I had booked a new to us site, but one that friends had recommended. Hidden Valley was our destination. Traffic down was good as we headed off on Thursday I think everyone was watching the jubilee celebrations !

Campsite was lovely with big pitches so Rosie was happy.

Friday we headed out to Ilfracombe to give Rosie a taste of the seaside. There was a bus stop outside of the campsite so Rosie had her first bus trip too.

It was very hot and very busy, she wasn't interested with the sea but did enjoy people watching,
Back to Stan with a very tired pup.

Saturday Rosie was very tired and very  adamant she wouldn't have her harness on or go walking. As the weather was a bit hit and miss we let her have a lie in and then went for a woodland walk after lunch, another first for Rosie.

There's something nice about a  woodland walk after the rain, a very earthy smell. Rosie loved it, there must have been a whole load of new smells for her. 

Saturday night we watched the jubilee concert whilst Rosie relaxed and after a nights sleep headed home on Sunday morning. The traffic was horrendous, but Rosie coped so well, she really is a good travelling dog. 

A lovely break away before back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

What I'm reading now.

 I don't seem to be reading as much this year, although with early puppy wake ups I have started reading for an hr in the mornings so May has picked up a little.

I am now onto my 15th book this year

This has been in my to read pile for a very long time. Despite buying it myself from a lovely bookshop I just haven't felt drawn to read it. Today however, I pulled it out. When looking for a link to pop on with it I noticed that it has very mixed reviews. Which makes me want to put it back in the pile, but I am trying to reduce the book pile so I am going to start it and then if it doesn't thrill me it will go off to the charity shop. I have another book by this author in my pile, The Starless sea, which I  started , couldn't get into it so put it back on the pile. That was the follow up book to The Night Circus and also has very mixed reviews. So I'll give it a go, but as always have many books as back up plans !

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A musical night out with my oldest friend.

My friend who I have known since I was 3 years old turned 60 last month.  

Most of my friends are nearing 60 now, all have their own homes and everything that they could want. I hate buying gifts just because it's a birthday and then spending money on something they may not like or want. So I have changed my gift buying focus to concentrate more on shared times and experiences and  not necessarily with me, but a gift of an activity or vouchers towards a trip away or a meal out. They have generally been well received.

So when said friends birthday was approaching I was pondering what to gift her when by accident I managed to secure tickets to a concert for her favourite band. She had tried and failed to get tickets for this concert so I knew they would  go down a treat. 

So last week the pair of us went off to a concert... The killers supported by Manic Street preachers. I have to say it was FAB.... we both had a great time and made more happy memories. Were now on the search for our next concert.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Rosie at 16 weeks.

We are really noticing a growth spurt at the moment, her legs seem to be growing faster than her body !

She is a loving, inquisitive, active and  happy puppy. She is's like having a baby all over again. We are still working on the toilet training thing, she does seem to be able to hold it for longer but still doesn't seem to appreciate that we don't like wet floors in the house. She also has a terrier habit of trying to eat her own pooh so we have to be quick of the mark to stop her. 

Last Sunday we took her to a puppy socialisation playtime which she loved, its great to know she loves other dogs and doesn't bark at them, hopefully that wont change. She's now started to climb the stairs so we have put a stair gate in as she disappears and gets up to mischief.

She is, however a real little cutie so we always let her off.

Keeping me company whilst I work.

Her favourite place to be, having cuddles

Wining Friday night combination to be welcomed home from work to !

when it all just gets too much...

Friday, May 27, 2022

Orlando week 2, photo dump.

The holiday seems such a long time ago now, we are almost at the end of May and I am posting pictures from April !

 I just need to dump week 2 and move on with my blog life ! So here without further ado are some of week 2's highlights. Generally return visits to the parks. 

We had a fabulous time, it was great to spend 2 whole weeks with the boys doing fun things. 

Slow Mornings.

 One thing Rosie has bought to my life is slow quiet mornings. I am learning to embrace them.  This morning we were up at 6, she went out in...