Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rosie's first trip in Stan The Van

Last weekend we took Rosie off for her first trip in Stan The Van. She was such a good girl and seemed to really enjoy the outdoors life.  

We went to Tewkesbury, which is about an hours drive away from us. Its a medieval market town, I cant believe I have never been. I loved it and will definitley go back again. 

The campsite was right next door to the Abbey and I couldn't fault it. The pitches were quite close to each other but you had enough space around your van to sit outside. It was immaculately clean and well tended. If your interested in sites to park you van/ caravan its Tewkesbury Abbey Camping Club site.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Rosie at 14 weeks.

 Wow, its been a couple of busy weeks. I have finally got a few quiet hours to myself so thought I'd do a quick Rosie post.

She is such a lovely little companion. Her character really is coming out now. She quite adventurous and is a very much an explorer. She has started to spend some time doing her own thing rather than wanting to be constantly with us. However , we do keep losing her around the house. We have bought a stair gate and now have to remember to shut all doors else she will be up to mischief or leaving a little puddle. Toilet training is going very slowly...

Orlando Day 7- Boggy Creek airboat adventure.

 Day 7 and it was a Saturday, and it was Easter Saturday so we decided to stay well away from the parks due to crowds. We headed out for an airboat ride at Boggy Creek. 

we took an hours ride and absolutely loved it. I would definitley do it again. We saw loads of Alligators , birds and even cows who had come down to cool off. Apparently the alligators never bother them . 
It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday. When we got back we hopped into the pool and then went out for some food in the evening.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Day 5, Magic Kingdom.

Day 5 we headed off to Magic Kingdom, this is probably my least favourite park. It was very very busy, very humid and threatened rain all day.  

We took the boat across to the park which is my favourite way. 

A whole wall of M&M's

We managed a couple of rides, the boys went off and did a few others on their own whilst we mooched about . The theming is always good at the parks so even if you don't want to go on a ride there's lots to see and do, including a number of parades throughout the day. 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Rosie at 12 weeks.

This week we've seen a big change in Rosie. She's getting braver and has found a little bark! She's becoming quite a character.

she decided it was great fun to splash in her water bowl so we found a big tray and filled it up  she loved it!

she's also working out where the best sleeping places are . She's very much a dog that likes to be in touching distance of you.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Orlando Day 4. Epcot.

 Epcot, my 2nd favourite park, after animal kingdom.  I love to just walk around 'The World' and take it all in. It was the flower & Garden festival when we were there and the blooms and displays were gorgeous. There are rides there as well so it suited all of us.

Rosie's first trip in Stan The Van