Monday, June 14, 2021

Just pootling through the week.

 Well here I am back to the start of another work week. Last week was a 4 day week and this week is only a 1 day week ! That's the joy of having this years planned breaks running alongside last years bumped holidays, I seem to have a few quite close together. We are off again tomorrow, not in Stan the van, have a couple of nights booked in a Pub BnB. Both sons are staying home. 

The past week has seen me pottering around at home after work. Friday I dd get to go to Wales to work for a day. I had a hospital review to complete, which when I booked didn't realise quite how much rush hour traffic there would be coming in and out of wales. Lesson learnt, don't visit my welsh hospitals on a  Friday !

This past week I have made an effort to catch up on a test knit I am doing. Its a cardigan with a very interesting construction. I've now finished the lace sections which are the front and back sections of the cardigan. I have to block it to size before I then work on picking up the body stitches. I am enjoying it so far and the yarn is glorious. Its a Cornish designer, Kernow Designs,   so I bought some of her Cornish themed yarn, she kindly gave us all discount for the project, this one is called Cornish Gold, not a  colour I would normally wear , but then I don't normally wear cardigans, this will be a van cardi, for those chilli nights, I'm starting to build a van , capsule wardrobe, and bringing some colour in.

This week saw my sweater board arrive. I've been after one of these for a while.

I was left a little money from my step mothers estate so decided to bit the bullet and buy one. This is the one I bought, picture from Paparwork site, and here it is in action

Sweater washed and blocking, as a larger woman who likes loose clothing, it actually did the trick, as the yarn dried it came into shape and looks fab now dried, This is my Cornwallis sweater I knit a year or so back. This will also be part of my van capsule wardrobe, I do notice yellow is drifting into my palette, I use to hate yellow clothing. I am really pleased with the jumper board and am now on a mission to wash and block all my finished sweaters!

I finished the Missing sister  

 I didn't enjoy it as much as the others, I think I was expecting too much after having loved all the other books in this series. I also thought this would be the last book of the series, but she now working on book 8. These 2 books I presume are the scene setters, so I feel like when I've read book 8 I need to go back and reread them all.

As were off again tomorrow for some more holibobbing, I needed another book, I have a huge to read pile so I went to search. Feeling in a summery mood it was obviously going to be a book set beside the sea.  

This is a relatively new addition to my book pile. I was drawn to the cover but thought it sounded an interesting story. 

This weekend saw me have an afternoon tea for my sister, nieces and great nieces. The men were all out watching sport so we had a lovely ladies afternoon. The sun shone, we ate, we drank and more importantly we had a fun time together in the garden. Its not often we can all get together at the same time.

Now I am going to go and do my days work , in my home office, then this evening I shall be packing my little case, as we are heading to Devon tomorrow !


  1. Love the Cornwallis sweater! Hope the bee ones turns out (has turned out?) just as good :)

    1. thanks Mrs G, the bee sweater is finished it just needs blocking.

  2. I think the roads were busy as people were going away with the promise of a very hot and sunny weekend. Enjoy your break away in the Devon B & B. I've never seen a sweater board before and that is such a great idea.

    1. thanks Eileen, the roads were worse coming back.


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