Sunday, January 2, 2022

Movement in 2022.

I have a positive feeling about 2022. 

The last 2 years have had high points and low points all whilst living in a kind of limbo. I am so grateful to Stan The Van for giving us the opportunity to get out and about whilst remaining safe during the pandemic. But it was an exceptionally draining period and one where I lost loved ones, I found myself becoming hermit like, retreating to my own space, working from home has not helped that in anyway. 

This years seems to feel different, lighter maybe. I have hope and optimism about the coming year. I have started to make plans [that mainly involve Stan The Van], and started to seriously think about my work life balance and how to move forwards to the ultimate goal of an early retirement. Last night, at a table of 6, I was the only one still working, and only 1 person out of that group  has reached the official retirement age. 

So my goal for this year is movement, moving forwards, making plans, taking small steps, being more active. Enjoying my life but being mindful that if I make no changes, nothing will change. I am not making any grand new year resolutions but instead will try to keep hold of my optimism and positivity so that I can take these small steps forward.  

My lovely hubby surprised me with his thoughtfulness at Christmas. I have long wanted, what I jokingly call,  'a Lady Bike'. One of those glorious bikes that have a vintage feel and a very handy basket on the front. Since piling on the weight I gave up up cycling and didn't feel confident enough to get back in the saddle. 

[This was me in 2006 when I cycled across Rajasthan for charity.] 

So to say I was surprised to receive this at Christmas was an understatement

Pre loved but in immaculate condition. [excuse the Christmas mess piled up behind it] 

I absolutely love it, can't wait to get out on it, despite the very large rear end I shall be placing on that saddle. Stan The Van also has a bike rack so it will be coming on travels with us, hubby already has a bike.

I think, perhaps, that this thoughtful gift  may have just been the key to lifting me from the fog of the last 2 years and giving me back my positive optimism . Now I just need to find her name.


  1. I do like your bike and you're sure to enjoy your breaks away in Stan being able to explore and keep fit at the same time I only made one resolution this year and that's not to look back but look forward to a brighter future. Having retired early myself I can highly recommend it, I knew when I was ready to quit work.

    1. Thanks Eileen, I do think about retirement but ned to be realistic, probably need to work another 2 years.

  2. To complement 'Stan the Van', your lovely bike could be 'Hilda'! Nay I suggest you replace that solid saddle with a well-padded one; it was the best adaption I did to my last bike - and much appreciated by my ample derriere.
    Wishing you a positively wonderful year ahead - healthy, happy, exciting and more relaxed.

  3. haha, Stan & Hilda, that's great... And i certainly will look for a more comfy saddle, thank you

  4. Oh, she's beautiful! Does she have a name yet? X

    1. nope still dithering, going to take her for a spin at the weekend so I my find one then...


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