Monday, July 5, 2021

Happy Monday !

I have gone into this week in a much better frame of mind, it may be as I am planning to head out in Stan The Van on Friday or it may be due to my early morning swimming. What ever it may be it is nice to feel this way on a Monday.

Today I woke up to this

an amazing double rainbow, I'm taking it as a good omen.Another thing that may have impacted on my positive mood.

This past weekend I spent at home just pottering about with my crafty bits which was great and spurred on my desire to learn to sew. Despite making a big mistake with garment, see Saturdays post. I did enjoy getting my sewing machine out.

I started another book

It's not pulling me in yet and may be cast aside for something more challenging. This was picked up in a charity shop and will just go back onto the bookshelf for when I want a more light hearted read.

I've pulled these off of my shelves. I was given them as gift from one of my best friends who has similar reading tastes to me so am hopeful will love them.

I'm away on a site visit tomorrow and travelling by train so will have time to read a  few chapters and see who it goes. Its a trilogy so am hoping I do like them.

We bought some cheap fairy lights for summer evenings 

Our seating area was taken over for Stan The Van's hard standing so I'm trying to make a cosy nook under the olive tree! It's still a work in progress and hubs is still painting the fence. Its a lovely place to sit, we get the sun into the early evening before it heads off behind the roof.Unfortunately we didn't get to sit there due to the rain and also had the planned BBQ indoors rather than out!

Other than a quiet happy weekend nothing of anything worth writing about occurred!


  1. The fairy lights are lovely, it's nice to sit out in the garden and relax. The double rainbow looks nice and a good start to the week. It's been sunny and warm today after a very wet weekend.

  2. I love those fairy lights. They make your garden look magical. X

  3. A recommendation for you; the first in a series set in Cornwall . . . "Elise" by Katharine E. Smith.
    And one of my favourite authors of Cornish books - Liz Fenwick.


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